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Three-dimensional Hilbert curves

This page contains renderings of the third-order approximating curves of several different three-dimensional Hilbert curves. The names of the curves are explained in:

  • How many three-dimensional Hilbert curves are there?
    By Herman Haverkort.
    Computing Research Repository (, 1610.00155, 2016.
    text; software; list of curves (to test whether the software works correctly on your system).

The figures below are produced with the software that comes with the article, plus a POV-ray include file (currently not included in the package) tailored to certain classes of curves. The curves shown below are not a representative selection of three-dimensional Hilbert curves: they were chosen to look good with the styles of rendering used here.

Curve: Cd00.ct.7h

Curve: Cd11.ct.3E


Curve: Ce11.ct.P9

Curve: Ne00.ct.P9





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